Madeline’s on TV this Sunday night

If you’re in or south of Woodland Hills and in or north of Marina Del Rey and in or west of Pasadena (did you get that visual triangle?) you can check out my cable musical debut on channel 98 (channel 77 in Santa Monica) next Sunday, September 16, at 7pm.

It’s a community access program called “Marc Anthony’s Party” and features two comedians: Marc Anthony and Henry Brown. I am featured as the musical guest. It was a fun experience and watching the comedians do their thing was hilarious so I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

If you are planning to tape it, let me know, as someone we all know and love doesn’t have cable tv…

~Madeline Wright


Do check the calendar for some upcoming performances. I highly recommend the Oct. 19th show at Synergy Cafe in Culver City. I’ll be starting the night of indie music from some awfully talented musicians off right!

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