About Madeline

Madeline Wright has been playing musical instruments and singing since she was a kid. Her first instruments were the xylophone and kazoo. She moved to the piano at the age of 7. At age 15 she received her first guitar and has been playing one and writing music since.

After a few weeks in the hot Nevada desert for a university geology class, she returned to LA and wrote her first song. After playing it for a classmate who immediately asked to place the song in his class project’s documentary, “Pioche”– a tongue-in-cheek rehashing of the field camp endeavor– has become an audience favorite.

Since Madeline first ventured in front of a microphone at an open mic night in early 2005, she’s gone on to play in front of many others, endearing audiences in a variety of venues in LA and Orange County, including house concerts, UCLA, Unurban Coffeehouse, It’s A Grind Coffeehouses, Synergy Cafes, Karma Coffeehouse, and B.B. King’s Blues Club at Universal Citywalk, in Hollywood, CA.

She has recorded several songs for an EP and landed a couple of songs plus a featured role, in another documentary. View This is How We Dream trailer.

In 2017 and she sang in Disneyland’s Candlelight ceremony during the park’s holiday season celebration behind Chris Hemsworth (star of Marvel’s Avenger and Thor franchise).

In 2018 she launched a podcast and this year is working on other creative projects including licensing her original music for film/ tv and for voiceover opportunities. Her sound is honest and her style is unique.

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