back in the swing of things, almost

I attended my first open mic of the new quarter at UCLA’s Kerckhoff Coffee House, but strictly as an observer. It was the first time in the year I’ve been attending Eclectic Open Mic that I didn’t sign up to perform something. I don’t know why I didn’t. When the time came to leave for the coffee shop, I just didn’t feel like packing up my shiny guitar that I’d been playing off an on that afternoon and hauling it over there. I realized one thing after I got there: I should have performed. There’s no excuse not to perform if I show up in good health.

I think it was mostly a mental issue. I really wanted to be able to perform one of the songs I’d written for February Album Writing Month, but the bottom line was that I didn’t feel like any one song in particular was performance ready, and so I didn’t perform one. I could have played some of my other songs, but I had a personal goal to play a new song at the next open mic I went to, and I didn’t feel like I could do that yet. I’ve still got some work to do, and I want to put them up for you to enjoy ASAP. This is where lots of encouragement helps.

In two weeks, I’ll either bring my shiny guitar to campus or just stay home (like I’d actually stay home during the Eclectic Open Mic Night)!

The next one is Wednesday, April 19th. Check the Bruinrock calendar for more dates!

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