If you’re visiting my website for the first time, welcome!

I had a blast at Universal Citywalk’s B.B. King’s Club and Restaurant last night! Thanks for attending. Beyond the bright lights of the stage, I was able to pick out lots of familiar friendly faces in the audience as I played, and that was an amazing experience. I could not have asked for a better crowd than friends, my family, and some other people who happened to be there for a great dinner. The management said, “You did good, kid.” 🙂

If you have any photos of the 7/12 show you wish to share, please email but don’t forget to change the “at” to “@”.

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If you’re from a powerhouse record company and wish to sign me, email mad-at-kidwithascooter-dot-com, then come to my next show and we’ll talk.

Hope to see you again!

-Madeline Wright

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