Photos from September’s show

Click for picture 1 This is a stage shot. Looks like I’m in storytelling mode.
Click for picture 2 Another stage (action) shot.
Click for picture 3 Monica M. and me.

A hearty thanks to Monica M. for the use of her photos!

October is a fairly light performing month. That’s because I’m working on recording some of my songs so I can get an EP pressed in time for distribution at future shows. As my friend, Mike D., can attest, it’s a pretty long and energy consuming process for each song (or song attempt, heh). I’ll post audio samples periodically on my Vox.

Here’s the latest clip of Pioche
and here’s a clip of So Lovely.
I am sorry that I can’t give you the whole song right now because there’s something called a copyright registration process that I’m dealing with that can take a whopping 4-5 months, but it’s coming along…

I’m very likely to play at Beyond Words: An Open Mic, presented by Karma Coffeehouse this Wednesday night (October 11th) between 8-11pm. Come and check it out if you’re free. It’s free. But buy some tea or coffee, and tip the baristas behind the counter. Because they care, and it’s cool to support the local scene supporting local musicians. Happy October, which is almost halfway over (!) already.

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