Madeline plays and wins

Before the show... Last Friday at the Synergy Cafe… I opened the fast-paced evening of music and got some pretty receptive feedback especially for my newest song. So, I’ll be putting that one up on my virb by the weekend. Thanks so much to those who came out to see me, even though construction near the place made traffic a bit of a mess!

On Vox, I’ve been chosen as the winner of the HP ‘What do you have to say’ contest. I am elated by this news. I am the brand new recipient of a $150 iTunes gift certificate! I’m excited yet a little intimidated, being a complete iTunes store newbie. I’ve gotten some good recommendations on what to get so far. Thanks so much to everyone who voted and to Vox and HP, the contest sponsors, for choosing my music entry. You rock!

~Madeline Wright

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