February is coming up soon…

February Album Writing Month is almost upon us, or at least upon me. If you have not heard of FAWM, it’s a little challenge to write 14 songs in 28 days. That’s a song every other day in February. Technically fourteen and a half since this is a leap year, but that’s splitting hairs and I hate split ends as much as the next person. Any and all songwriters ambitious enough to do something like this with me are welcome to sign up and try it. You could have a whole new album by March! Or, if you’re more of a passive songwriter type, you can simply watch my FAWM page but I make no promise of painless progress without some sort of active encouragement from you.


This will be my third effort. Last year I wrote three songs I thought were very playable, but I didn’t exactly win the challenge. I just didn’t want to end up like the year before where I had 14 pieces of je ne se quois… One of last year’s songs was “Good to Know,” a clip of which you can hear on the myspace player. The full version is on the virb player. Another is “Little One” which isn’t online. But I do play it live, so feel free to request it at the next show.

~Madeline Wright

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