Five things for which I’m thankful

1. My friends, family, having basic needs met, and everything I need to survive.
2. My job. Sure it’s got long hours and no vacation pay for me, but the people I work with are cool and they provide me with an old laptop (which is better than no laptop).
3. Weekends to play: music, hockey, the radio, just about whatever I can think of, I have the freedom to do. I treat this as a luxury.
4. My car: I’ve been all but neglecting its routine maintenance, not for lack of wanting. I just don’t have the $$$ to plunk down when the mechanic inevitably tries to up-sell me on some service that apparently my car will explode without on the drive home. It has been very good to me over the last year *knocks on wood* and for that I’m grateful.
5. Manageable debt. Okay, technically I owe one of my family members a boatload of money for helping me out earlier this year, and I have another who owes me, but outside of family debt I’d like to continue being debt-free as much as possible. It’s a good feeling. I just need to work on getting that savings level up!

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