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“Thank you for sharing your world with me. Music is our lifeblood and I’ve always been impressed with your songs, talent and joy.”
–D. Kowal, director

As of today filming is officially over for a documentary about a group local L.A. musicians brought together by a love of playing live music every week as they struggle along the daily grind. It blends live music performances and their stories, displaying a glimpse into their respective journeys. It’s currently in post-production now and soon it’s off to the festival circuit.

I can’t wait to see it, even if I am in it. I have mixed feelings about it as my struggle is now in plain sight and I can’t help but feel exposed in a way I’ve never been.

The above note from the director reminds me of other kind words left on my site from February Album Writing Month which you can find here:

It reminds me of why I write my songs. Life experiences and memories, both happy and sad, written and set to music, makes my suitcase heart* fill up with the happy. I’m working hard every day to get a lot of these new songs ready to share.

*That’s a Weepies reference from their CD Say I Am You It’s on the last (and my favorite) track called “Slow Pony Home”.

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