1-2-3 music updates


One of my goals is to get my music placed into more films and tv shows. I’ve found an article describing some options to do that from American Songwriter called 6 ways to get your music on tv. Since I don’t have CDs available for submissions I want to make my songs more accessible and available to be heard (when not being played live, of course).


The music is here! I’m happy to announce that you can now listen to music on madelinewright.com! Go to the Music & Lyrics section, then select a track and enjoy.

Soundcloud members can connect @ soundcloud.com/madelinewright and listen there or from Facebook!

February Album Writing Month

Beginning at midnight on February 1, (FAWM) is approaching fast. If you want to write 14 songs in 28 days then 1) You’re crazy too (congrats!) and 2) you’ll be able to sign up in about a week (mid-January).

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