Did you hear it?

I heard most of it but that was only because I got a call from my friend in the midst of inhaling a bite to eat down at Soup Plantation.

her: Can you help me with the music audio link?
me: What audio link?

Yes. Hungry Mad= Forgetful Mad. She was of course referring to the link I posted below just yesterday and the same link I emailed to my VIP email list not 5 hours before she called. We figured out that since it was a live rebroadcast, and not a podcast, clicking on that link earlier than 8PM would yield unlistenable static (which is what she was getting), though I was listening to it earlier in the day with no problem.

So there I sat, enjoying my buffet style dinner and I wasn’t going to let a tiny thing, like figuring out logistics of how to witness or otherwise make a record of being on the radio in less than 45 minutes from that point in time, cross my mind. For at least a few more seconds after that call.

I drove home in record time and got home just in time to catch the very end of the first song and the beginning of my second. Oh well. If anyone happened to record it, please let me know. I’m going to post what I could get onto my Vox page and punish myself by going to bed before midnight (Oh no, not that. Anything but that!)

I’ll be over at Unurban Coffeehouse this Friday at 7:20 PM as the feature songer singer girl for 30 minutes before the open mic night begins. You can bet I’ll have dozens of tickets on me for my Sunday @ 3:45 PM gig at B.B. King’s Club at Citywalk if you’re local to Los Angeles and are so inclined to listen to me live & in person (I hope you are).

More music will be posted to A Mad Vox in the near future.
~Madeline Wright

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