Gotta love internet radio

Wednesday evening at Karma Coffeehouse was fun. It was my first time back in about a year and I was selected to play during the one-hour live webcast! If you didn’t catch it online then between 9 and 10PM on Indie Airplay, you have another chance!

Tune in this Sunday (tomorrow) starting at 8PM (PST), right here:

I am not sure exactly what time you can hear me play, but it’s likely going to be after 8:30PM.

Also, there are plenty of tickets left for the upcoming gig. That means I have one with your name on it, maybe two or more (if you invite other people).

B.B. King’s Club and Restaurant
Universal Citywalk
next Sunday, Sept 24th, 2006 @ 3:45pm
E-mail: mad at for tickets. Only advanced tickets for my show are available.

Be sure to check the calendar for a couple of new dates!
~Madeline Wright

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